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You have ignited the flame. We shall not permit it to be extinguished;
We shall make every effort so that the greatest dream of mankind might be fulfilled.

-Oberth to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky -

MirCorp Management

Senior Management


Jeffrey Manber - President

Jeffrey Manber

Jeffrey Manber has been at the forefront of many pioneering business and entrepreneurial projects in the international space sector.

Prior to joining MirCorp, he was Executive Vice President and Board Member for AstroVision, Inc., the world's first geostationary commercial satellite system – which is expected to begin service in 2001.

From 1992 to 1999, Manber served as RSC Energia's Managing Director for American Operations, responsible for assisting Russia's largest space manufacturer in North American marketing, sales and government communications efforts. Operational programs included the Mir space station, Boeing's Sea Launch commercial launcher and the Yamal satellite.

He was executive director of the non-for-profit Space Foundation from 1988 to 1991 and also assisted such commercial space corporations as PanAmSat, American Rocket, Payload Systems and non-U.S. satellite ventures in political analysis and capital formation.

Manber assisted in the creation of the Office of Space Commerce at the U.S. Department of Commerce in 1987-1988, and worked on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers and smaller firms in capital formation for high-tech and space-based ventures.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Space Business Archives, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving key documents of the commercial space industry, and continues as a Board Member for AstroVision.


Andrew Eddy - Senior Vice President - Business Development

Andrew Eddy

Andrew Eddy is MirCorp's Senior Vice President-Business Development.

Eddy comes to MirCorp from the Canadian Space Agency, where he has been central in forging Canada's innovative approach to commercialization of the International Space Station (ISS).

Under Eddy's management, Canada signed the first commercial ISS deals without government subsidies and established a vast array of international business contacts with firms interested in flying their products on the orbital facility.

He joined the Canadian Space Agency in 1995, assuming the position of international relations analyst. In early 1996, he was appointed Secretary to the National Space Plan Task Force.


Yuri P. Semenov - Chairman of the Board

Yuri P. Semenov

Dr. Yuri P. Semenov serves as general designer and president of RSC Energia. Dr. Semenov was chief engineer for a wide range of space programs, from the Salyut to the Mir space station, from the Energia-Buran to the Sea Launch program.

Dr. Semenov joined RSC Energia in 1959, at the dawn of the space age. He was appointed General Designer of NPO Energia in 1989, and today serves as the first president of the privatized RSC Energia.

He was one of the key initiators of the era of international commercial cooperation in space activities, and brought about the first real programs between his organization and those in France, Germany, Japan, the US, among others. Currently, RSC Energia works together with Boeing (Sea Launch), Lockheed (ILS), Spacehab, DASA, Allenia, and many other companies and organizations.

Dr. Semenov has received recognition for his outstanding achievements from organizations and companies worldwide. He is a correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and recently received a lifetime achievement award for his work on the development of the Mir space station. He has been awarded the highest levels of commendation from both the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.


Walt Anderson - Vice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Anderson is a pioneer in the competitive telecommunications industry. He founded Mid Atlantic Telecom, a regional long distance carrier, in 1984 to take advantage of the break up of AT&T.

He also founded Esprit Telecom, which was based in the UK and operated in eight European Union countries. The company went public in 1997 and merged with Global TeleSystems Group, Inc. in early 1999.

Mr. Anderson was on the board of directors of the International Space University, Strasbourg, France, from its first summer session in 1988 until 1995.


Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria - Board Member

Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria

A key MirCorp investor is Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, a telecommunications and Internet entrepreneur.

Dr. Kathuria is the President and Founder of New World Telecom LLC, which develops and operates major telecommunications and Internet projects throughout the world.

He also is Executive Director and Founding Partner of the X-Stream Networks, Inc., Co-founder of LiveDoor, Inc., the Director and Founding Partner of Ushafone, the Director and Founding Partner of Techno Telecom, Ltd. and Chairman of HealthCite.com.

Dr. Kathuria extensively participated in the privatization of India's telecommunications industry, and was involved with Arthur D. Little in setting up its Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical consulting practice in Europe.

He also was Manager, Investment Banking Division, Morgan Stanley Asia, and helped set up Morgan Stanley's India offices.

Dr. Kathuria holds a Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Medicine from Brown University. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.


Valeri Ryumin - Board Member

Valeri Ryumin

Valeri V. Ryumin is a record-setting Russian cosmonaut who has significant experience in space station operations, and who has flown on both Russian and U.S. manned spacecraft.

He joined the cosmonaut corps in 1973, and his first space flight was in 1977 aboard Soyuz 25. In 1979, he set a duration record of 175 days during a stay on the Salyut 6 space station, and then beat his own record in 1980 with a 185-day mission on Salyut 6.

Ryumin served as Flight Director for the Mir space station from 1982 to 1987, when he was appointed Deputy Chief Designer of NPO Energia.

The distinguished space flight career of Ryumin was rounded out with a mission on the U.S. NASA space shuttle orbiter.


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