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The mind has exactly the same power as the hands;
not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.

-Colin Wilson-

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MirCorp?
MirCorp is an international company devoted to keeping the Mir space station open for commercial business. The company intends to raise additional money and seek corporate partners over the next six months in order to further support the station. We are dedicated to tapping the excitement of space exploration and bringing the world together to appreciate this historic space outpost.

Why is MirCorp interested in the Mir station?
The company sees it as a unique opportunity in the history of spaceflight: to open a human-occupied space facility as a truly commercial operation. There is no one destination more unique than the Mir station.

What is Mir's real commercial value?
It is limitless, but the commercial value of Mir includes processing of medicines, the manufacture of pure materials and other industrial activity in the microgravity (near zero gravity) conditions of low Earth orbit. Other opportunities include imaging the Earth for weather forecasting and entertainment purposes, satellite manufacture and repair, and, of course, opening Mir to everyday "citizen explorers". MirCorp wants to make the wonders of space available on a regular basis.

Does MirCorp already have customers for Mir?
MirCorp expects to have many possible international customers and sponsors for Mir, ranging from consumer companies to high-tech firms - all of whom MirCorp believes will be interested in being associated with Mir and with the efforts to keep the space station open for business. However, since everyone had expected Mir to be de-orbited instead of maintained in operation, MirCorp is just beginning to establish contacts.

Has MirCorp bought the Mir space station?
No. MirCorp has leased the resources of the space station from its manufacturer and operator, RSC Energia, in accordance with Russian regulations.

Hasn't the Russian government promised they would de-orbit the Mir space station?
The Russian government has stated publicly that the Mir space station would be de-orbited in the absence of commercial funds. The ability of MirCorp to raise initial funds is within the framework of what the Russian government has kept open as a legitimate opportunity to keep Mir operational in orbit.

Why is MirCorp located in Europe?
MirCorp is an international venture, and one of the appropriate locations for the office is in Europe.

Who controls MirCorp?
MirCorp is a joint venture between the Gold & Appel Transfer S.A. holding company and RSC Energia – Russia's largest space systems manufacturer. Gold & Appel brings its experience in Western financial support and project management. RSC Energia is the designer of Mir and has been responsible for the station's on-orbit operation from the day Mir was launched.

How much money will it take to keep the Mir in orbit?
No one knows exactly how much funding it will require. It depends on a number of factors, including the condition of the space station, as well as more down-to-earth financial issues.

Who will staff Mir during this time, Russian astronauts?
RSC Energia will staff Mir with cosmonauts, trained for the specific tasks, and visitors, as appropriate.

When can the first citizen explorer fly to Mir?
After successful negotiation and training, we are ready to host visitors.

What can I do to play a role in keeping the Mir open for business?
Write us and tell us what space means to you, and we will post responses on this Web site.


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