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The fair breeze blew, the foam flew, the furrow followed free:
we were the first that ever burst into that silent sea.

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge -


  • Energia Ltd. is the Russian company that pioneered space exploration, built the Mir and oversees the space station's use.

  • People's Charity Foundation for the Preservation of the Space Station Mir provides information about the Mir space station in both Russian and English.

  • RussianSpace.com is an interactive archive on astronautics in the former USSR.

  • Space Business Archive chronicles the history of commercial space exploration.

  • Spaceflight Now provides information on the world's launch vehicles, space exploration and related space topics.

  • SPACE.com provides the latest news from space industries.

  • NASA Watch is an independent website that monitors the latest news from NASA.

  • The InfoWEST Group provides international media relations, public relations and communications services for the aerospace, transportation, telecommunications and high-technology sectors.

    Specialty Travel to Russia, China, Central Asia and Beyond

  • Mir Corporation provides Specialty Travel to Russia, China, Central Asia and Beyond.


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