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You see things and say, 'Why?', but I dream things and say, 'Why not?'
-George Bernard Shaw-

Press Releases

Our press releases are listed here in reverse chronological order. Click on the title below to see the full text.

MirCorp and Producer of Network Television Blockbuster Series “Survivor” Announce Partnership to Produce New Television Series
9 August 2000
MirCorp Approves Operation of Mir Space Station In Permanently-Manned Mode Beginning Next Year
18 July 2000
MirCorp Teams With GPC International for Commercial Sponsorship, Advertising on Russia's Mir Space Station
11 July 2000
MirCorp Inaugurates the Citizen Explorer Program, Providing Manned Space Missions on Commercial Basis
19 June 2000
MirCorp's Privately-funded Mission to Save Mir Ends with Cosmonauts' Touchdown in Kazakhstan
16 June 2000
MirCorp Announces Planned On-Time Conclusion For World's First Manned Commercial Space Mission
21 May 2000
MirCorp and Italian Company in Discussions on "Citizen Explorer" Flight To the Mir Space Station
19 May 2000
First Privately-funded Spacewalk To be Performed from the Mir Station
11 May 2000
First Privately-funded Resupply Mission in Space Arrives at Russia's Mir Station Today
27 April 2000
Historic Docking of Privately-backed Mission to Mir Spurs MirCorp's Commercial Business Plan for Station
6 April 2000
Privately-backed Manned Flight to Save Mir Space Station Is Set for Historic In-orbit Docking on April 6
28 March 2000
MirCorp Signs Agreement with Russia's RSC Energia For Commercial Lease of the Mir Manned Space Station
17 February 2000
MirCorp Names Andrew Eddy to Top Management Post
17 February 2000


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