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The natural law of inertia: Matter will remain at rest
or continue in uniform motion in the same straight line
unless acted upon by some external force.

- W. Clement Stone -

Mission Updates Archive

Our Mission Updates Archive chronicles the entire first privately-funded flight onboard the Mir space station, which lasted from April 4 to June 16, 2000. Read information about the activities of cosmonauts Sergei Zalyotin and Alexander Kalery during their stay onboard Mir.

MirCorp's first mission, week by week
The week of June 12
Cosmonauts successfully complete first privately-funded Mir mission
The week of June 5
Training to return to Earth and more experiments
The week of May 29
A week full of experiments
The week of May 22
Experiments continued by cosmonauts; housekeeping performed
The week of May 15
Cosmonauts take a rest after EVA and continue experiments
The week of May 8
The cosmonauts performed the first privately funded EVA
The week of May 1
The cosmonauts performed experiments and prepared for an EVA
The week of April 24
A Progress resupply spacecraft successfully docked with Mir
The week of April 17
Cosmonauts found the small air leak
The week of April 10
The crew's first full week of activities
The week of April 2
Soyuz TM-30 was launched and docked with Mir

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