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Photos from Mir

The following images detail the historic docking of Soyuz TM-30 at Mir and the start of preparations for commercial activity onboard the station for MirCorp.

Also see the Video Clips from the Soyuz/Mir docking, review the press release, and see our archived updates from the Mir control center.

Aligning for docking   A camera on the Soyuz TM-30 manned transport spacecraft shows the Mir station's docking mechanism as Soyuz lined up for its final approach. The hardware seen in this image includes the docking port (slightly offset to the upper left of the aiming crossbars), and the associated docking mechanism. Data displayed on the image are readouts from the docking and Kurs guidance systems.

The April 6 docking of Soyuz TM-30 with Mir was monitored from the mission control center near Moscow. The large map at center shows the orbital tracks of Mir and Soyuz. The split screen at right displays live video of the Mir station's docking mechanism as seen from a camera mounted on Soyuz TM-30. The lower blue panel displays technical data on the docking procedure.  

  Mission personnel monitor the progress of cosmonauts Sergei Zalyotin and Alexander Kalery as they begin preparing the Mir space station for commercial operation. These controllers are among the most experienced in the world, having handled manned space flight missions to Russia's various space stations.

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