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All limits are self imposed.

Messages to Mir

People from all over the globe have responded enthusiastically to the recent reopening of the Mir space station. Their support and interest is greatly appreciated by the cosmonauts and all of us at MirCorp.

This page will highlight a few of the encouraging messages we have received. We frequently will update this page with new responses. If you would like to express your opinion/support/idea, please e-mail us.

I think what MirCorp is trying to achieve is amazing. I think that what your company stands for is a breath of fresh air. Until this point, it seemed like space already had been "claimed" by the government, as if it's really theirs to claim. MirCorp shows that this is not necessarily the case. Space is an open frontier that everyone should be equally entitled to explore. Just like the internet, space travel was started by the government to be used specifically for internal government activities. Eventually, governments cannot control alone something that is so important and beneficial to the world. MirCorp is the chance we have to take back some control and place it in the people's hands, so that something so incredible can be shared and enjoyed by everyone in the world. I never thought I would live to see the day where I could possibly have the chance to travel into outer space … just because I wanted to.
     Best of luck to you, and peace (mir) and unity to the Earth and beyond.

- Westchester, New York, USA-                

Congratulations on your revival of the station. It is great to see a company that takes what's going and makes something of it, instead of endless talk of what will be done in the future.

- New Zealand -                

Tracking your mission on the Mir website brings back memories of listening to Sputnik on my WWII ARX-1 surplus receiver and watching it through my backyard telescope as it traced its arc overhead. Russia launched our age of space then. Let us hope Mir's new commercial effort launches the next adventure.

- California, USA -                

Now, the quest for the future is at hand. MirCorp is the right step for the world to make it possible to venture where no man has been before. The capability of man without government to be in space is a pure way to great adventure for the dreams of mankind. The organization that has made this possible should be recognized as the "Pathfinders of Commercial Space Achievement".

- Canada -                

Hats off to the Mir team. As historians write the history of the 20th and 21st centuries, no doubt Mir will stand out as one of the amazing achievements of human kind. I sincerely hope that MirCorp succeeds. I hope future generations of astronauts can one day see Mir. Maybe it can stand as a memorial to Man's search for answers beyond the Earth.                
Dear Sergei & Alexander:

I'm so proud of both of you. You have accomplished as significant a milestone as that of Yuri Gagarin or Neil Armstrong. Being the first people to live in space independent of any government support is truly a historic achievement. You have finally thrown open the gates of the space frontier to the people of Earth. Just because politicians can't get their acts together, the rest of us aren't doomed. One government can't afford it, another would rather just discuss it endlessly… But people with a vision, who stake their fortunes on the future, are the saviors of this planet; people who see the world as you do – without borders. My deepest gratitude to you and everything and everyone you represent for making this happen in my lifetime.

- Fremont, California, USA -                

The Mir space station has been not only a Russian achievement, but a human achievement like the construction of the Pyramids, the discovery of America and the conquest of the Moon. Congratulations and long life to Mir.

- Spain -                

The world is quickly becoming very interested in the commercialization of Mir. The information being submitted via the Internet and media is amazing. It has inspired many. I propose a world toast for tangible dreams. Thanks you for making it possible.

- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA -                

I think [MirCorp is] doing the right thing. To deorbit 'our' only Space Station is like dumping the Apollo 11 Eagle-Lander. Six months without any man or woman in space (excluding the Shuttle Flights) is too much. Hope to hear good news for a long time.

- Germany -                

I wish the cosmonauts aboard Mir all the best. Although, not Russian, I am filled with pride over the accomplishments of MirCorp and the Russian Space Agency. I sincerely hope that the Mir space station will continue to be operational for many years to come. It is a shining example of Russian ingenuity.

- Oshawa, Ontario, Canada -                

I want to give my congratulations for everything that you really create in space science. The operational maintenance of Mir is a milestone for mankind.

- Brazil -                

I am pleased beyond words that Mir has been successfully boosted into a higher orbit. My sincerest congratulations go to cosmonauts Sergei Zealot and Alexander Kale for their unique abilities and knowledge.

To the cosmonauts:
     Look at the Earth and feel the gratitude of an entire planet. I am one of many who envy you and think of you as heroes.
     Mir is our first firm step into the cosmos. To let her die would be the same as amputating a leg because of a broken toe. When I learned about her planned destruction, I could not help but think of the lives and resources that made her possible.
     No, Mir is valuable to all of us for more reasons than I can convey. Perhaps, one day, she will be a monument. Perhaps we may find a way to boost her to orbit the moon.
     Mir is priceless. My sincerest thanks to all involved in giving her new life.

- USA -                

I would like to congratulate you on your move to make space accessible to the rest of mankind. What a great move!. I am sure this will lead to more private ventures into the cosmos and truly move mankind into the 21st century.

- Australia -                

I hope this space age will go stronger and go for new advanced technology in the future.

- Bangkok, Thailand -                

All people over the world now are watching for your success in moving to create the first real commercial space station. Best wishes and good luck forever!

- Russia -                

I am a high school science teacher in the United States. Everyone in my class has been watching the progress of the Great Mir! Your accomplishments cannot be overstated. By keeping Mir aloft, you have shown that guts and courage are enough to keep a dream alive.

- USA -                

Wish you all the best for your mission and good health.

- India -                

Congratulations for saving this fantastic example of engineering skill and finally opening up space for manned exploration and commercial exploitation. I am sure this mission will mean the beginning of a new era in human history and provide humankind a new noble goal.

- Belgium -                

Congratulations on reopening Mir. Mir is the universal flag for those who believe in the future.

- Argentina -                

I want to wish you fellows a Great Easter this weekend! You guys take care! We are too far North to see you orbiting, but we always watch for you. Hope you see your friends and family soon.

- Alberta, Canada -                

Easter Egg A special Easter egg from our friends at the Slovenian Space Network.
I am pleased as a citizen of Earth to hear that MirCorp is taking one of the first steps in commercial space exploration, industry and tourism. Only through the efforts of private industry in partnership with governments will actual space exploration for the average citizen be possible. I applaud your efforts to revitalize Mir and to make it a true space station for everyday use.

- Michigan, USA -                

Thank you for making a dream come true for lots of us: The true opening of commercial space. With your help mankind will reach the stars a lot sooner.

- Mexico-                

One need not be a Russian to be proud of Mir and its great accomplishments, nor to celebrate Cosmonauts' Day [April 12]. May the winds be at your back.

- One of your American Friends, North Carolina, USA-                

As a member of the National Space Society of Australia, I would like to thank you for taking the first steps in the commercialisation of space. This mission to Mir is an icebreaker – a much needed one at that. Congratulations on a successful docking and good luck for the rest of this mission and the next!

- Australia -                

I congratulate you and your countrymen on [Russia's] 39th Cosmonauts Day. I am sure MirCorp and the Russian space program will continue to grow stronger and that on the 40th Cosmonauts Day the entire world will celebrate with you.

- Kennedy Space Center NASA -                

Wish you all good health and a good return to Earth!

- Spain -                

Congratulations on saving one of the most beautiful objects ever made by man/woman. It is a symbol of our reach for a new frontier, and should be preserved for future generations. As the first permanent space station, keeping it in orbit is a glorious goal and you should be proud. Since we are a market driven society, it is only logical that space utilisation by a private enterprise will drive down cost and allow real expansion of mankind presence in low earth orbit.

- Canada -                

At last!! That is all I can say and a big thank you to everyone involved on the project. For so long I have dreamed of commercial openings in space and always expected that it would arrive from the capitalist driven, democratic bound USA. Ironically, this huge step for mankind has come from their counterparts in Russia with help from a modern day entrepreneur. This partnership between MirCorp and Russia is beyond doubt the best thing for the future of exploration in space. This will provide fresh challenges and new impetus to the space "race."

- France -                


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