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Imagination encircles the world.
-Albert Einstein-

Mir Today

Mir is known throughout the world as a true home for men and women from across the planet. It has become an icon for international cooperation and peace.

This massive multi-purpose platform offers more than 400 cubic meters of interior work area, a real home away from home! The station is pressurized and temperature controlled, providing shirtsleeve working conditions for the crewmembers on board.

Mir is an impressive 30 meters long by 33 meters wide (98 X 108 ft.), and has a total mass of 140 metric tons (308,560 lb.). The station orbits the Earth at an altitude of 375 km. to 410 km. every 92 minutes.

Crews are flown to and from the station in pressurized Soyuz transports that each carry two or three persons. Unmanned Progress spacecraft perform the delivery of cargo and supplies.

Today, Mir has begun its new life as a commercial space station with the financial support of MirCorp. Cosmonauts Sergei Zalyotin and Alexander Kalery reopened the hatch to Mir on April 6, 2000 during the first commercially funded manned space flight in history.

See where the Mir space station is right now.

Mir had floated in orbit unmanned since August 1999. The spacemark was to be de-orbited and destroyed while reentering the Earth's atmosphere, until MirCorp signed an agreement with RSC Energia to save the dying station.

The current cosmonauts will bring the space station up to full operational capabilities as well as performing various experiments during their 60-day stay onboard Mir. The present success of the first mission to Mir has signaled to investors that commercial space flight is indeed a possibility and a second round of funding has been agreed upon. A second manned flight to Mir is scheduled for the September time frame.

People from around the globe have e-mailed us at MirCorp, expressing their support and enthusiasm for the reopening of Mir and the beginning of space commercialization. Read some Messages to Mir we have received.


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