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The beginning is the most important part of the work.
- Plato -

Mir Yesterday

Mir Core Module The core module for the Mir space station was launched on February 20, 1986. Mir has been an operational space station ever since. The space station has grown with the addition of five modules, the last in 1996.

The 14 year-old station is the most visited place in space. Over 100 astronauts and cosmonauts from 12 nations have lived on Mir to perform research, making it a truly international orbiting home and workplace.

Research is conducted within the six modules in the areas of astrophysics, geophysics, materials and bio substance processing, medicine and biology, and techniques in space flight. Mir can be credited with providing crucial research from current space technology.

Generally, two to three cosmonauts man Mir, but for shorter durations, the station can house up to six visitors. Mir is re-supplied by manned Soyuz and unmanned Progress spacecraft, both of which which are orbited by Soyuz launchers.


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